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I am available for hire

My name is Jon Cody. Welcome to my site.

Through this site, I hope to provide everything you need to know to make a clear decision in my ability to help you and your business. In everything I do, I have a mission — “Build success one stone at a time.” This means that I will do what it takes to better myself, any company I work for, or any customer I serve. For an explanation of how I see this mission playing out in my life, click here.

My skills and experience cover a variety of areas which allows me to be adaptable to a variety of environments or circumstances  My goal to grow as an individual has provided many unique learning opportunities that will eventually lead to my success in business. From the development of business plans, the architectural design of new buildings, or the exploration of new career opportunities, my goal is the same; gain experience, and grow. I also seek to build my skill sets and use them to help make the company where I work successful.

I greatly enjoy developing processes or strategies for improving efficiency, generating growth, or reducing cost in both my personal production and that of the company in which I’m employed. When given the opportunity, I also enjoy teaching what I have learned to others within the corporation so that together we make a stronger team.

Please enjoy your time reviewing my qualifications for a position within your company.


Available for:

Any opportunities that will advance my career.


Pensacola, FL (willing to relocate within southern region)


Google Voice: (850) 736-4439

Cell: 443-280-0166


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Skill Summary

A more comprehensive skill list available here: Knowledge, Skills, Abilities


I regularly work with spreadsheets or various programming and diagramming tools to handle various data needs, analyze processes, or solve problems of various complexities


My creative mind allows me to see things in ways that the average person may not. An “outside-the-box” mindset gives me an advantage of being an innovator. Not only do I recognize the potential areas of improvement, but I often offer several possible solutions.

Effective Listener

Knows how to ask the questions to fully understand what the customer or client is looking for so I can go above and beyond to provide not just what they need, but sometimes more for extra sales and customer loyalty.

Flexible and Adaptable

With experience in a variety of areas, I am able to quickly adapt to changing work environments. Learning quickly as I go, I am able to handle most any task that may come my way in the course of a work day.


Being a bit of a planner, as well as a builder of sorts, I have developed a great organization ability. I regularly use mind maps, or other tools in the planning of my personal projects. In the work place, I am often relied upon to handle special projects that need to be reorganized neatly, and in a way that makes for easy accessibility of information or goods.


I grew up on computers and have advanced experience in many popular computer programs from Office software, graphic design, and computer aided drafting. I also have experience with more advanced server-side applications and programming applications.

Positions Desired

Business or Process Analyst or Developer

Entry Level Programmer (PHP)

Database Manager

System Administration

CAD Drafter


Any other offers for other positions would also be welcomed as I am always seeking to learn new skills that could be used in future jobs.

Think of Jon Cody when choosing your next candidate, he won’t let you down.

“Jon is very bright and full of great ideas when it comes to business planning and development.”
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Derek Cromwell
Independent business owner- CL INTERNATIONAL

“He is a kind of person who know what he want to achieve and how to get it with innovation.”
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Ankur Saxena
Business Development Manager at IDLEminds Technologies

“Jon was always filled with entrepreneurial ideas and always ready for any challenges that he was presented with. He is one of few people that I know that is always on the initiative and always ready to expand his knowledge base. He is very self-motivated, persistent, and hard working.”
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Ali Soheilian
Peer in College