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Looking for a well rounded, dependable, and skillful individual? You have come to the right place. With experience and talents in a multitude of areas, I can adapt to many different situations and would be a good fit for many different companies and industries. Read More

Building Success

Find out the meaning behind my motto, "Building Success One Stone at a Time" Read More

Improving Systems

I have rarely encountered a system that I did not at least think about improving. My mind is always thinking "how can I make this better by increasing efficiency, lowering cost, or saving time?" Read More

Business Development

Entrepreneurial minded, systems oriented, and motivated by ideas. These all describe traits of a future business owner or manager. With a binder full of ideas for my future, I am now just seeking the experience and resources to make them reality. Read More

Learning Every Day

Just because I am out of school doesn't meaning the learning stops. I have enough material to study another 4+ years independently if I wanted. From the topics of programming, business, photography, graphic design, and more; I will always be seeking to further my knowledge and continue to grow. Read More

Designing Homes

Dreaming big is what I do. From luxury dream homes to fancy resorts, if I can think it, I'll make it happen. I am mostly self taught on AutoCAD and have been using it since 2003. I am also in the process of learning Revit and other design programs. Read More

Sharing Wisdom

What good is learning if you do not share it with the world? Every so often, an idea pops in my head that I just have to write down and share in the form of an article, poem, or even a book. Read More

Capturing Memories

Capturing memories has become my new hobby and potentially a new business opportunity for me. Spending time with my camera has allowed me to begin to notice things I may never had stopped to notice before. Read More

Building Success One Stone at a Time

Jon Cody

Available for:
Full Time, Part Time, Contract Work, Temp-to-Hire

Pensacola, FL




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I am available for hire

My name is Jon Cody. Welcome to my site. Through this site I hope to provide all you need to know to make a clear decision in my ability to help you and your business.

My mission is to “Build success one stone at a time.” This means that I will do what it takes to better myself, any company I work for, or any customer I serve. For an explanation of how I see this mission playing out in my life, click here.

My goal to grow as an individual has provided many unique learning opportunities that will eventually lead to my success in business. From the development of business plans, the architectural design of new buildings, or the exploration of new career opportunities, my goal is the same; gain experience, and grow.

I also seek to build my skill sets and use them to help make the company where I work successful. I like to always be thinking and striving to developed new business processes or strategies for running the business that will generate growth, reduce cost, or increase efficiency. When given the opportunity, I enjoy teaching what I have learned to others within the corporation so that together we make a stronger team.

Please enjoy your time reviewing my qualifications for a position within your company.



Positions Desired

I have a combined interest in both business and architecture so the following type of jobs/ industries or positions related to these jobs would be ideal. Any of these positions would be an exciting opportunity to use my skills and grow in my field. I currently have some knowledge and/ or experience related to the following positions:


  • Business / Management Consulting
  • Real Estate Development
  • CAD Drafter
  • Operations/ Strategy Management
  • Business Development
  • Information Systems

Any other offers for other positions would also be welcomed as I am always seeking to learn new skills.


"Jon is very bright and full of great ideas when it comes to business planning and development."

- Derek Cromwell, Business Mentor


"Jon has an acute business sense and will accomplish anything he puts his mind to." ​

- Dawn Sypolt, Assist. Mgr, Walmart​


"Jon embraces every experience as a learning experience and will do great things in his near future."​

- Dawn Sypolt, Assist. Mgr, Walmart​