The following is a list of skills I have acquired over the years. I have divided the skills up into categories to make it easy for you to identify the skills most closely related to your needs.

 Experience Scale
 0-1 Little to None  May have been exposed to it, but don’t really know much beyond that.
 2-3 Beginner  Reading books, starting tutorials, picking up basic skills
 4-6 Average  Can start to do things on my own, but still need to reference sources often
 7-8 High  Knows a good amount about the subject to handle most task without problems
 9-10 Expert  Knows just about everything there is to know about the subject to be able to address any issue


Business Skills

Updated: 6/2/2016

Skill Rating Knowledge Base


7 Experience managing up to 50 hard to manage inmates at the State Prison, along with some time managing a department in a retail environment.


6 Experience marketing a photography business through social media, and word of mouth. Along with 9 years in retail merchandising products to increase sales.


5 Most of my experience lies within the classroom, but I do have experience running cost analysis on my photography products and a proposed business plan.


7 Experience in the retail environment.I know how to ask questions to get to the true needs of the client/ customer.

Business Analysis

4 Experience analyzing business processes to find inefficiencies or areas for improvement within the retail and food service industries.

Business Development

6 Experience creating business plans, market analysis, system development, and more.
Added value to my photography business by offering unique products and quick customer service.