The following is a list of skills I have acquired over the years. I have divided the skills up into categories to make it easy for you to identify the skills most closely related to your needs.

 Experience Scale
 0-1 Little to None  May have been exposed to it, but don’t really know much beyond that.
 2-3 Beginner  Reading books, starting tutorials, picking up basic skills
 4-6 Average  Can start to do things on my own, but still need to reference sources often
 7-8 High  Knows a good amount about the subject to handle most task without problems
 9-10 Expert  Knows just about everything there is to know about the subject to be able to address any issue



Creative – CAD/ Graphic Design

Updated: 6/2/2016

Skill Rating Knowledge Base
Acrobat  8 Created and opened PDF files, added form fields as well as other document edits
Photoshop CS3-CS6 7 Have experience doing photo editing from the basic, to more advanced edits.
Illustrator CS3-CS6 5 Can create simple graphics and have used some special tools. Have gone through a training course, but haven’t memorized all commands yet
Flash CS3/ CS4 4 Can create animations and have some knowledge of basic action script 2.0 commands
InDesign CS3/ CS4 4 Only used a couple times, once for a brochure and once for a newsletter. Can add and edit pictures as well as add special effects and layouts to projects
Dreamweaver CS3-CS6 7.5 Using for my updated web portfolio. Learning new tricks and features as I go.( Prove It Test Results )
Lightroom 4/5 8 Use this primarly for all my images I take with photography.
After Effects CS6 4 Have experience creating kinetic motion videos.
Premiere Pro CS4 3 Played with a few times to make basic movie edits


AutoCAD 2000—2010 7 Have created many 3d projects with AutoCAD, using layers, cameras, and other tricks to accomplish the desired results. I haven’t done much in advanced renderings, but could probably pick that up if shown. Taught myself much of what I know, so there may be faster ways to do some things I don’t know about yet. ( Prove it test results )
MAYA 8.5 5 Created a 3d animated Bear from book tutorial (Learning Autodesk MAYA 8)
Revit 5 I have been able to create a basic house design with this software, but the more advanced features I have yet to learn.


FormZ 2 I’ve had a brief introduction to this program, and could probably make basic objects and maybe animations, but otherwise, I wouldn’t be that useful with this program.
Punch Home Design Software 4 Received the program, but haven’t used much because it didn’t allow for the designs I had in mind for kitchens or other features, and dimension entry was more complicated than I would have liked compared to AutoCAD
Google Sketchup 3 Have only played with a few times so far, but used it to created basic 3d models
Solidworks 4 I am working on going through tutorials for this program
Blueprint Reading 7 I understand or can figure out most blueprint drawings and symbols ( Prove It Test Results )
Photography 7 I have been a photographer since 2012. I shoot a variety of subjects and have won awards and have been published at least once. Photos available on Flickr