The following is a list of skills I have acquired over the years. I have divided the skills up into categories to make it easy for you to identify the skills most closely related to your needs.

 Experience Scale
 0-1 Little to None  May have been exposed to it, but don’t really know much beyond that.
 2-3 Beginner  Reading books, starting tutorials, picking up basic skills
 4-6 Average  Can start to do things on my own, but still need to reference sources often
 7-8 High  Knows a good amount about the subject to handle most task without problems
 9-10 Expert  Knows just about everything there is to know about the subject to be able to address any issue



Communication Skills


Skill Rating Knowledge Base


8 I would say this is my best form of communication as it allows me to get all my ideas out in an organized manner. I have experience with business writing as well as short articles, presentations, and also have a book in progress.

Public Speaking

6 Although not my strongest skill set, I am still able to put together and give presentations that get the desired point across.


7 I feel I am able to approach people on a subject with little reluctance to assist to address a problem, to ask questions, or to give information.


7 Being an introvert in nature, I am more prone to listening effectively and asking questions to clarify any missing details in a conversation.


N/A I am usually very direct with what I have to say. I am straight to the point, and a no nonsense kind of guy. I have a subtle sense of humor, that most people enjoy when they get to know me. I’m not that big on small talk, but can offer my own contribution


3 Had up to Spanish 3 in high school, and again in college. I can understand some things when spoken. Speaking, I would have a hard time remembering different verb tenses and vocabulary. Reading would probably be my best chance of translating a given text.