The following is a list of skills I have acquired over the years. I have divided the skills up into categories to make it easy for you to identify the skills most closely related to your needs.

 Experience Scale
 0-1 Little to None  May have been exposed to it, but don’t really know much beyond that.
 2-3 Beginner  Reading books, starting tutorials, picking up basic skills
 4-6 Average  Can start to do things on my own, but still need to reference sources often
 7-8 High  Knows a good amount about the subject to handle most task without problems
 9-10 Expert  Knows just about everything there is to know about the subject to be able to address any issue



Information Tech Skills

Updated: 6-2-2016

Skill Rating Knowledge Base
Dos 6 Familiar with several troubleshooting commands and networking tools.
Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, 7,8,10 8 Grew up with windows starting with 3.1, have been learning more advanced troubleshooting and maintenance over the years working with my computer. I scored 37 / 40 on the  Prove IT Test- Computer Tech
Windows Servers 2003- 2012 6 Used a variety of servers for each customer environment. Learned group policy, setting up print servers, and connection domain accounts.
Active Directory 5 Can create users and organizational units. Can assign access permissions, set and change passwords, and assign policies based on roles.
Exchange 5 Can create new user accounts, set forwarding addresses, create aliases, set mailbox limits.
Internet- General 8 Can operate browsers without problems, and can fix some connection problems.

Experience mostly with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome

Word — up to 2016 9 Basic word processing, formatting, inserting tables, drawing pictures, reviewing tools, ect. I scored high on the advanced level proveit test
PowerPoint — up to 2016 8 Used for many presentations, can figure out most operations. I may not be aware of the more advanced operations but I can put together a working slide show with effects, consistency, and appeal.
Excel — up to 2016 8 Took a class on Excel where I did learn functions and conditional formatting. I have several spread sheets with advanced calculations to ensure consistent profitability in my photography business and other business plans. I scored 25/25 on the power user proveit test.
Access — up to 2016 5 Can create tables, forms, and other pages with their attributes, but still have a hard  time with some more complex database design structures.
Outlook — up to 2016  7 Used extensively at work, experience setting up new user accounts, and connecting with Exchange. I scored 26/ 30 on Outlook 2010 Prove It Test
Visio 2007 3 Only used this a few times to make charts for business reports.
Front Page 2003 6 Created my original web page with this program. Don’t really know any of the more advanced functions, just basic programming.
OFFICE 365 7 Experience Setting up new users with this platform
OneNote 9 Use for almost all note taking and organizational needs
SharePoint 3 Experience setting up a small SharePoint site
VM Ware
vSphere 5 Used to manage over a dozen clients with over 300 users-  Can create virtual machines and monitor and maintain them.
Horizon View 5 Used on most of our client machines and our own, I have experience troubleshooting connection problems, setting up new users, and connecting remotely.
Ctera 5 Monitored client back up solutions, restored files as required
Veeam 1 Was briefly introduced before I left. Looked to be a much better system than Ctera,
Connectwise 6 Used to record time on tickets, and file expense reports
SpiceWorks  2 System used at a clients site when I first started with Hixardt. Used about a week.