Big 5 Personality Test

I’m calling this the Big 5 test because it bases the results into 5 general personality traits. On the website it is just labeled as Personality test.

The 5 traits it rates on are Emotional stability, Extraversion, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness and Openness

Emotional Stability

ES {focus_keyword} Big 5 Personality Test ESThis personality trait pertains to the extent to which a person is sensitive to stimuli in the environment and needs to have certainty and stability.

Your score on this trait is average. This means that you are normally relatively calm. Your emotional response primarily depends on the situation. You only feel stressed or out of balance when put under pressure or forced to deal with setbacks. It is not very difficult to get you riled, and in general you may feel bad about losing, but this does not keep you awake at night. It is relatively easy for you to get past feelings, such as shame. You certainly have your doubts and worries, but these do not dominate your thinking. Most of the time you can think rationally and put emotions into their proper perspective.


This personality trait pertains to the need for social stimuli. It sketches the extent to which a person goes looking for action and others, for the place where things are happening, or tends to avoid disturbances.

EXt {focus_keyword} Big 5 Personality Test EXt

Your score on this trait is low. With others, your attitude is somewhat reserved or formal. Your need for external stimuli varies, and you sometimes like being alone. This does not mean that you are anti-social at all. You simply do not always feel the need to be heard or to voice your opinion unasked. You can appear to be reserved and are sometimes less outspoken with others. You may prefer to take things slowly, and you can enjoy being alone. You can be typified as a person who sometimes tests the waters. Others may consider you to be rigid and closed at times. You prefer to be with people who, like yourself, prefer to stay in the background. It is more difficult for you to identify with people who are extremely spontaneous or overly enthusiastic.


This personality trait pertains to purposefulness. It reflects the extent to which a person is focused, exact and orderly, or flexible instead.

conc {focus_keyword} Big 5 Personality Test conc

Your score on this trait is average. This indicates that you are a person who has his/her affairs reasonably well organized. You like to take a systematic approach without being too prudent. It is probably relatively easy for you to find a healthy balance between your work and your private life. You are the kind of person who can achieve impressive results with relatively little effort. However, striving for perfection is not in your nature. In other words, you are a person who acts to achieve a certain goal but who is willing to compromise. This makes you both effective and flexible, so that many people consider you to be a pleasant colleague or person. In general, you get along well with people who like order and neatness. As long as they are not too persistent.


This personality trait pertains to attentiveness and people mindedness. It indicates the extent to which a person is interested in other people, and how affable the person is. A lower score points to a more business-like and functional approach.

agb {focus_keyword} Big 5 Personality Test agb

Your score on this trait is just below average. You can be very friendly but also relatively direct. In general, you are interested in people and their motives, but can also be business-like. When you do things, you are guided by rationale on the one hand and the circumstances on the other. This means that you can take the feelings of others into account, but can also be relatively direct and less diplomatic. As a result, people will consider you to be both friendly and direct. In other words: a person who is not afraid to say what needs saying, but who is also able to do so in a friendly manner. You get along well with people who are nice but also capable of standing up for themselves. As long as they are not arrogant or individualistic.


This personality trait pertains to originality and intellect. It is related to the extent to which a person searches for new insights, or has a more practical, routine-like attitude.

op {focus_keyword} Big 5 Personality Test op

Your score on this trait is just below average. Part of you is practical. Why make things difficult? But every now and then, with due cause, you will break away from routines or fixed patterns and be open to new ideas, or want to discuss things. You do like challenges and enjoy exchanging views at time. However, finding new ideas and experiences does not always have central focus in your life. In general, you focus on the here and now, but are willing to try something new if necessary or intriguing. Thus your approach is pragmatic.

Many people appreciate the fact that you are not constantly wondering whether things can be done differently or better. By nature, you get along well with people who are original without simply refusing to maintain the status quo.

(I think this last paragraph is the only statement that may have been misrepresented, As I do then to enjoy finding better ways to accomplish task if I believe there is room for improvement. But I can usually adapt well to any method as long as it is not effecting my overall performance standards I set for myself.)

This general result would best fit me I believe:

Individuals with a high level of openness have a general appreciation for unusual ideas and art. They are usually imaginative, rather than practical. Being creative, open to new and different ideas, and in touch with their feelings are all characteristics of these people.


Your scores for four of the five scales in the Big Five were average, meaning that none of the combinations of the personality dimensions can supply additional and meaningful information. This means that your personality profile is rather balanced. The advantage of a balanced profile is that in terms of personality, you feel at ease in many situations and many consider you to be a pleasant individual. As a result, you are generally relatively flexible and easy to deal with. People with more extreme scores will generally place more specific demands on their environment and will not feel equally at ease in any situation. People with a more balanced personality, like you, are not as troubled by that.

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