The following are letters from previous managers, mentors, or other contacts that have worked with me in the past.

“Jon was always filled with entrepreneurial ideas and always ready for any challenges that he was presented with. He is one of few people that I know that is always on the initiative and always ready to expand his knowledge base. He is very self-motivated, persistent, and hard working.”
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Ali Soheilian
Peer in College

” His ability to create incredibly personal shots, and capture the spirit of the person being photographed, is remarkable. ” read more

Katherine Bishop
Unicris Creations Customer

“He is a kind of person who know what he want to achieve and how to get it with innovation.”
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Ankur Saxena
Business Development Manager at IDLEminds Technologies

“Jon shows initiative and takes responsibility for completing duties timely and efficiently.” read more

Linda Cameron
Department Manager- Walmart

“I find Jon to be very ambitious, intuitive, creative, professional, and aggressive as a merchant. He will have a tremendous impact and be successful in whatever field he endeavors.”
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Yahya Mitchell
Assistant Manager Walmart

“Jon has an acute business sense and will accomplish anything he puts his mind to.”

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Dawn Sypolt
Assistant Manager Walmart

“Jon is very bright and full of great ideas when it comes to business planning and development.”
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Derek Cromwell
Independent business owner- CL INTERNATIONAL