May 23, 2003

How many times has he said “I love you??
How many times has he said “I Do??
Do you know how many times has he said
“I only want to be with you??

More than you can imagine,
More than you see,
More than you even really want to believe.

Smokers, drinkers, and addicts too,
Not all will cause problems, but many do.
With issues in the family and issues in the home,
Issues with money, they are never alone.

They will lie and cheat and use you too
Looking after their needs is all they do.
Making you think you can’t live without,
Until you start getting boring, then you’re out.

They may be more outgoing and more fun
Often when they are high, they don’t know what they’ve done.
But if you actually want a relationship that will last,
Leave those guys in your past.

The nice guys can be fun too if you give us a chance,
The more experience we have, the more we advance.
But the more you ignore us and leave us behind,
When you come looking for us, we will be harder to find.

Because eventually we will find someone who will appreciate us for whom we are
While you’re sitting at home wishing that you didn’t go that far.
When your guy dumped you because he got scared,
While we sit there and become millionaires.

I hate to be there when you realized I was right
I try to warm you but you just put up a big fight.
All I can say is I hope I am wrong.
But more often than not, my predictions prove strong.

I know that some people can change for the good,
But why don’t you wait and see, like you really should.
because you all deserve much better than that
That’s not just my opinion, that’s a fact!