CNC Machine

This was a fun project in a prefabrication class at Penn State. At the start of the semester we scanned a piece of garlic with a laser. This created a dot matrix display on piece of software. After applying a surface to the matrix, I imported the image into MAYA where I altered it with the tools available in that program.

After the alterations, I printed it with a 3d printer, then had to simplify the shapes in another program to flatten and cut out with a laser printer for a paper model. Finally, I simplified the shape once again and prepared it to be cut into plywood with a CNC machine, where I then proceeded to piece together using zip ties.

3 D Modeling from Jon

This is just a scan of myself using the same digital scanning process

digital me {focus_keyword} CNC Machine digitalme

I also modeled this, I believe with Solid Works, my freshman year of college based off a real film canister. Then it was 3d Printed. The center spool does rotate.

{focus_keyword} CNC Machine IMG 0257
{focus_keyword} CNC Machine IMG 0258

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