Updated: 9/16/16

When it comes to programming, I am still very much a beginner. I am most familiar with PHP, SQL, HTML and CSS. I am in the process of expanding my knowledge to object-oriented programming with PHP, as well as JavaScript and its various frameworks and libraries. I also plan to explore some non-relational database types such as MongoDB, and Neo4j.

What I am great at is more so on the UX side of things. I love creating new systems, designing wire-frames with Axure RP, and developing the system logic with various UML diagrams.

Many of the skills I am learning have been through Udemy{focus_keyword} Programming Projects show id 2mtHBT8Zwf4 bids 323058 and Youtube tutorials or experimenting on my own.

Udemy {focus_keyword} Programming Projects show id 2mtHBT8Zwf4 bids 323058

Social Bidding

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Personal Online Portfolio

I have made many attempts at building an online portfolio over the years. Most of the time I struggled trying to create a fancy way to display my work using advanced programming skills and languages I did not know at the time such as Flash and Action script. This showcases some of the attempts from the past to now.


I Need a Hobby

I need a hobby (INAH) is designed for community. It is dedicated to allowing users to learn about various hobbies, sports, and other activities and to connect with others who share similar interest.


Food Service System Improvement

While working as a supervisor at a state-run kitchen in a local prison, I started thinking up ways to automate many processes and to keep better records. The system would improve efficiency, provide accountability, and help keep food cost low.


Christ Connect

I wanted to post this example to show some of my experience with wireframing a site and designing a concept. This idea is a social networking site geared toward Christians currently, but I’m thinking of opening it up as a system so various niches can have their own unique platform.