Updated: 9/16/16

When it comes to programming, I am still very much a beginner. I am most familiar with PHP, SQL, HTML and CSS. I am in the process of expanding my knowledge to object-oriented programming with PHP, as well as JavaScript and its various frameworks and libraries. I also plan to explore some non-relational database types such as MongoDB, and Neo4j.

What I am great at is more so on the UX side of things. I love creating new systems, designing wire-frames with Axure RP, and developing the system logic with various UML diagrams.

Many of the skills I am learning have been through Udemy{focus_keyword} Programming Projects show id 2mtHBT8Zwf4 bids 323058 and Youtube tutorials or experimenting on my own.

Udemy {focus_keyword} Programming Projects show id 2mtHBT8Zwf4 bids 323058

Food Service System Improvement

While working as a supervisor at a state-run kitchen in a local prison, I started thinking up ways to automate many processes and to keep better records. The system would improve efficiency, provide accountability, and help keep food cost low.