While working as a supervisor at a state-run kitchen in a local prison, I quickly noticed how inefficient their reporting system was. Within about 3 weeks, I started thinking up ways to automate many processes and to keep better records and came up with the proposal attached.  The idea was presented to the CIO but was not implemented by the time of my departure with the company.

The solution I presented would accomplish the following goals:
1. Reduce the amount of paperwork that has to be completed for each meal
2. Maintain more accurate records of food inventory and inmates fed.
3. Eliminate a lot of human error in the calculations of numbers and ingredients needed.
4. Reduce food waste and over cooking
5. Establish accountability of tasks by inmates.
6. Provide all needed information to complete each meal for all areas of the kitchen.
7. Allow staff more time to interact with inmates to accomplish kitchen goals, re-entry goals, and
to help reduce theft.


I am including the two PDF’s that explain the project. One is the report that gives a sample of what the interface would look like, the other consist of the UML diagrams and database design I created for the program.

This design is my property and contains no sensitive information for the industry in which it was designed, so I am free to share as a sample of my work.


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