These are two designs of a group project that I designed in an architectural engineering class at Penn State. One version used the existing exterior entrance that most of the group wanted to keep to save money. (We had no budget restraints) While the other version moved the entrance to a hall in the rear of the building that would have protected the rooms from the elements. I do not remember which design we finally went with, but I do have it on record that there was a lot of debate on this decision.

As far as I can remember, the design requirements of the hotel was to eliminate a staircase that extended into the parking lot, add elevators, create a storage closet for the cleaning crew, and we couldn’t lower the number of rooms available.

There was an option to completely bulldoze the lot and build something better, but the majority my group wanted to play it safe and only added a few cosmetic improvements and move a few things around. My preference would have been different, but that is ok.

  • motel6

  • motel5

  • motel4

  • motel3

  • motel2

  • motel1