I have made many attempts at building an online portfolio over the years. Most of the time I struggled trying to create a fancy way to display my work using advanced programming skills and languages I did not know at the time such as Flash and Action script. Due to this, many of those early projects were scrapped out of frustration. But they really didn’t look all that great to begin with, so it is OK.

My previous attempts were built from scratch with Dreamweaver using a fluid grid layout to be used on browsers of difference sizes. Although that version of the site was acceptable, it was still missing some features that I wanted on my site such as blog capabilities, so I looked into WordPress where I redid the entire site into what you see now. I’ve included some images of the old site so you can see the progress between then and now.

Even this WordPress site has changed several times as I constantly improve the look and feel to make the organization more readable for the end user.

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