During a small remodeling of our Walmart store where I worked in June 2005, my department, stationary, was one of the main affected. While getting everything rearranged, I noticed a lot of things were not organized correctly and I found my self hearing a lot of customer complaints about not being able to find things because of the illogical layout of the new department. So I decided to go around the department to map out the current plan and then go home and create a new plan of my own using AutoCAD. I presented my plan and everyone, including the district manager, liked my layout. Unfortunately, since they didn’t let me view the main remodel plans early enough to make changes before the remodel started, they couldn’t use my plans because everything had to be according to the current master plan.

Notes included with plan:

  • This layout is more efficient and groups similar sections together.
  • File folders, Cabinets, and Safes are all near the other storage containers that can also be used for similar purposes.
  • Planners really can be placed anywhere, but is an organizational thing like the filing systems.
  • The dry erase boards should be placed in the section next to the dry erase markers
  • Children’s activities and office accessories can be switched if needed, but should be in the same aisle because they are similar items for school or work.
  • Envelopes should be next to the tape and mail because they are also both used for mailing
  • To avoid having to move the entire writing section over, we can move the white-out/ pencil section to the other side and move the sharpies over one section so that the dry erase boards are next to the dry erase markers. This can also put the white out next to the super glue section in office accessories
  • The gift section and party supplies should be located next to each other and across from the gift bags if the card section stays where it is.
  • The rest of that aisle all has to do with gifts or special occasions, other than the post it notes. (Tape for presents, envelopes for cards, invitations, photo albums for the event pictures, ect.)
  • Binders and notebooks need to stay together, and the bulk paper also has similar notebook type items (writing pads) so it should be arranged accordingly.
  • Bulk paper mod should probably be a mirrored copy of the current mod to get the writing pads near the similar notebooks instead of having it split.
  • The top two shelves in the notebooks section should be raised up a few notches so that we can get the small notebooks in the proper places easily. Right now the space between the notebooks and the shelf above is too small so you can’t reach behind and put more notebooks behind the current stack. It is also a bit hard to push back a big stack of books to put the notebooks in the front. The current set up is going cause customers to end up leaving the notebooks in improper locations more because they can’t easily stick the books back on the shelf.
  • Also, the binders and maybe the bulk paper shelves should be adjusted accordingly so everything lines up.
  • If we can move the card section out of the middle of stationary and put it in the current lawn and garden seasonal area, we can add another aisle of seasonal to where stationary is. We usually end up having the seasonal stuff split between those sections anyways so why not just put more of it together in the first place.
  • The gift bags and stuff can be moved anywhere in that section but there are 2 more sections required then we have if you use the main shelf sections so unless you put 2 sections as endcaps or put them along the back wall or just lose 2 of something, that part may be tricky