In addition to my personal profile, I have built a site to showcase my photography. The current site has not been updated in a while as I have been working on improving the design and functionality in a development site. Both sites have been put on hold for the time being because I’ve spent too much time trying to build functionality with zero gain for my business. I’m focusing on bigger programming projects at this time that will generate a greater return for my time investment.

At some point in the future, I will likely scrap these sites, and build a platform from scratch that includes the functionality I desire in a client management system for photographers. Then I will offer that as a platform to other photographers.

I am including some screen shots of a few area of my sites to illustrate the differences.

The items I still would like to add before I make the development site live include:

  • Finishing the upload of my photos- currently linked to flickr due to storage limitations of my host.
  • Creating a booking form
  • Adding a method to purchase prints or products.

Current Site
Development Site

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