I am choosing to include this section as a means to showcase what you may expect to see if I was to work for your company. This is not an exhaustive list, nor is it 100% set in stone, as I do adapt to various situations well. In general, these are traits likely to be seen in the vast majority of circumstances. In addition to this list, I compiled a list of traits from the book Now, Discover Your Strengths along with what it suggest on how to deal with people with these traits. I picked out the points that best fit my personality and would provide the best results from me if taken into account. This list can be found by clicking the link below.

How To Manage

  1. Customer satisfaction comes first. In jobs focused on customers, I strive to make their satisfaction my top priority. Without the customers, there is no business. I take responsibility for the customers that come to me. If I can assist someone, even if it is not in my area, I will do so.
  2. I like to learn. The more I know about a particular position, the company, and the industry, the more I feel I can contribute to the overall success of that company. I also enjoy learning related areas so that I may assist in those departments if they are over loaded or falling behind.
  3. I strive to understand. By understanding how all departments may work together or why a particular manager or co-worker made a decision, the more I will work to alter my workflow to correspond to the goals of the other party.
  4. I always seek purpose. Similar to number 2, I always want to know why I am doing a particular task and how it fits into the goals of the business. Having everyone on the same page with a clear understanding of the goal is the best way to promote success.
  5. I like to innovate. I love to think outside the box to solve problems big and small. I am often the go to guy when a task needs to be accomplished with no set method of accomplishing that task.
  6. I seek efficiency. I am a very system driven person. If there is a more efficient way of accomplishing a task, I am probably going to find it. I sometimes even go as far as designing new programs to accomplish different task.
  7. I know how to adapt. No two problems are ever the same. I am able to analyze the needs of a given situation and adapt my work style and methods to fit that situation
  8. I tend to make things happen. Even if I or others may question my ability to do so, I will stick with a task until I have figured out a solution or have exhausted all possible options. Thankfully most solutions dont take me long to figure out.
  9. I like to be busy. I much prefer working on hands-on projects that keeps me busy mentally or physically. Even in a supervisor type role, you will often see me working along side my employees opposed to simply sitting back and observing.
  10. Similarly, I like to be challenged. This does not mean pile on as much work as possible until I crack under stress, but I like to work my brain. I know that there are no brainer jobs in just about every place you work, but I do not want that to be the majority. I like to solve problems or improve inefficiencies, not just do things that anyone could do.
  11. I lead by example. I work hard and fast. Unless I am restricted otherwise, you will often see me doing the same work that I ask anyone under me to do. Whether it is showing them how to do it, or simply stepping in to get the job done, I make sure that my followers know I am there to help and not just boss people around.