These answers determine the importance that the work values have for me. The work values are Wealth, Service/Dedication, Entrepreneurial Creativity, Autonomy/Independence, Security/Stability, Power, Technical/Functional Competence, Social Relationships, and Status.

Entrepreneurial Creativity- 22%

This person’s main goal is to come up with new ideas or products. The important aspect of this value is being innovative. A procedural work environment that leaves little room for personal initiatives will be experienced as very restrictive. Creative people often prefer to work alone or in small teams.

Service/Dedication to a Cause -17%

This person’s most important value is the desire to contribute to the greater good. Based on personal values and norms, this person wants to “improve the world” or contribute to society in a meaningful way. This person will often set aside his/her own interests. Service-oriented people are driven by how they can help others.

Status- 14%

Impressing others and prestige are primary motivators. This person likes being a member of a privileged group. Formal recognition of accomplishments is appreciated. They like to be looked up to. Status symbols, such as titles and official recognitions, are openly displayed. Making money or gaining power are not goals in and of themselves, but are more often just a way to obtain status.

Power- 14%

These people like to be the ones pulling the strings. Power and influence are important aspects in their careers. They are driven by the desire to control or influence others, the environment, or the situation. In their career choices, the question of whether or not a job will give them more influence is the most important. They enjoy networking and to them, befriending or contacting someone new is often a way of gaining more influence.

Autonomy/Independence- 14%

Autonomy can be an important value. People who find this value important have a need for independence and want to be able to make their own decisions. It should not come as a surprise that these people often are, or want to be their own boss. Their career choices are determined by the degree to which they can work autonomously and according to their own rules.

Security/Stability- 8%

For these people, long-term security is important. A job is seen mainly as a means to secure a pension and a mortgage. The level of income is seen as less important than the security of an income and being able to hold on to a job. These people often look at how stable a company is when choosing a job. Reducing financial insecurity is important to people who find this career value important.

Wealth- 6%

Wealth is related to the importance an individual attaches to material gain. Making money is often the most important reason for working. A high income and earning ever more money is an important career value and it determines a person’s career choices. For such a person, a high or higher income is an important measure of success.

Social Relationships- 2%

Social relationships are very important to people who find this career value important. Sociability and friendship are important reasons to have a job. There is no sharp boundary between work and private life. These people’s career choices are driven by whether they will have or meet enough colleagues. How much they like their job, depends on the degree to which they can work with others and meet people.

Technical/Functional Competence- 2%

These individuals like being good at something. They are usually inquisitive and want to be perceived as the expert, the company’s specialist. Specialists prefer to work on their own. Using their skills to meet a challenge is important to them.

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