Basic member

Assisted on:

  • Community team
  • Media team
  • Worship team
  • Small group leader


Penn State, UMBC

Dates Employed:


My Responsibilities:

On Community Team:

  • Helped plan events to reach out to students on campus

On Media Team:

  • Prepared event slides and posters according to strict marketing requirements
  • Helped think of videos to promote events at the weekly meetings

On Worship Team:

  • I played hand percussion on the band
  • Showed up early and stayed late to help set up the band before/ after every meeting

Small Group Leader:

  • Researched and prepared small group lessons for 4-10 individuals
  • Responsible for teaching the lesson in an understandable way

Experience Gained:

  • With my years at Cru, I grew in my spiritual walk with God
  • Learned the importance of teamwork to accomplish the groups mission
  • Learned methods of evangelism

Notable Points:

  • In the summer of 2007, I participated in a summer mission trip to Myrtle Beach for the summer. While there, we were required to get jobs, and reach out to the community in various ways to connect them with God.
  • While at Penn State, I helped raise over $25,000 over the course of 4 years to donate to THON which helps kids with cancer