System Administrator 1


Pensacola, Florida

Dates: Employed:

08/03/15- 4/28/2016

My Responsibilities:

  • Assist clients with setting up new computers
  • Create users or email accounts for various corporate clients in Active directory and MS Exchange
  • Monitor and maintain various windows server environments
  • Provide general tech support for a variety of needs for several types of businesses
  • Remove viruses from infected computers
  • Transfer user profiles to new windows machines
  • Assist in wiring of server room
  • Provide phone support for Cisco Phones

Experience Gained:

  • Computer networking
  • Computer Tech Support
  • Active Directory and MS Exchange
  • Windows Server 2003- 2012 management
  • Office 365 Implementation
  • Virtual computer management (VMWare)
  • Cisco Phone Support
  • IP configurations
  • Backup Storage Management (Ctera & Veeam)
  • Ticketing Systems (Connect Wise)
  • Remote Support (VPN Clients, Team Viewer)
  • Some experience with SharePoint

Notable Points:

  • This job is giving me a broad set of IT experience that would be useful for future advancement.
  • Designed a knowledge base for common customer issues, and customer data