Project Manager


Pensacola, FL

Dates: Employed:

4/7/2020 – 8/4/2020 (roughly)

Project Goals

The goal of this project was to create a CRM to help manage service based businesses such as contractors, lawn maintenance, roofing, or other businesses that rely on field technicians.

The system would seek to combine aspects of various other systems to make one easy to manage system to manage customer relations, business expenses, project requirements, and more.

My Responsibilities

  • Acted as the go between between the project owner and the developers, interpreting the business needs of the non tech- owner and creating wireframes and objectives for the developers.
  • Reviewed code and managed changes between project commits on Github
  • Reviewed functionality of final product to ensure it is meeting project needs

Experience I Gained:

  • Worked with international developers in the Philippines and India
  • Managing multiple people in various time zones to achieve a common goal
  • Gained a better understanding of Github
  • Gained a better understanding of the project development lifecycle
  • Learned ways to balance the needs of an owner and the capabilities of developers.

Notable Points:

  • Ended my contribution to the project due to lack of payment and differences of opinion on how to accomplish the goal.
  • Was first introduced to the project in January when another development team was handling it. After months of poor results we fired that company and I suggested the use of the outsourced developers.
  • We spent a lot of time undoing the mess of previous team that may have been avoided had I been able to have some oversight and time to layout a more complete plan from the beginning.
  • I learned that adding more developers was not always better due to differences in skill levels or ways to approach a task. And more people meant more of my time trying to get everyone on the same page when trying to communicate via skype.
  • I believe the project has stalled since my leaving and owner not being able to pay for the developers due to COVID restraints.