Architectural Drafter


Pensacola, Fl

Dates: Employed:

2/1/2019 – 4/1/2020

My Responsibilities

  • Responsible for interpreting the instructions of the architect and putting them into the Revit program
  • Occasionally assisted in measuring or taking photos of existing structures that required renovations.
  • Prepared drafting documents for printing.
  • Made changes to design as required

Experience I Gained:

  • Having very little experience in Revit, I had to learn as I went. This created various challenges as some things that may have been simple in AutoCAD were not as simple in Revit. But each project taught me more than I knew before.
  • Learned the process of development and the various changes required to get things right for the client or to meet various architectural standards.

Notable Points:

  • Unfortunately, I lost the job when the owner died.
  • Although it was a bit of a challenge at times trying to understand what was being communicated, I value the experience and opportunity to work in something I enjoyed doing.
  • Most of my experience drafting started with 3D AutoCAD. But this architect only had a license for a 2d version which made it difficult to visualize various things and make updates to all views when changing various parts. Revit automatically made changes to views when something changed, but was also less intuitive in certain aspects. There are benefits to both programs, but if I had my choice, I’d consider a better designed program.