The Army of One

The Army of One is a bit of a Christianity 101 for new Christians, or those who just never really learned some of the basics. It also deals a lot with the struggles people face as Christians. It is a comparison to a secular army in that we go through stages of sorts as we grow in our Christian walk. The book is divided into 4 sections (life before Christ, Bootcamp stage (learning the basics and establishing God’s authority), Preparing for battle (learning about your commanders, and your spiritual weapons, as well as the enemy and his tactics), and finally entering the battlefield (addressing the wounded, and recognizing our victory).

Christian Life Poems

Christian Life Poems is a collection of over 50 poems dealing with life as a Christian and life in general. Themes include: New Creation, the Gospel, Purpose, Faith, Prayer, Love, Identity, and Life. Many poems are inspired from the Bible, or my own life and observations. Let them inspire you in your own Christian walk as you read through and enjoy