Unpardonable Sin

There is an unforgiveable sin. If you have been around the church for a while, you may have heard various thoughts of what that sin is. Some say it is sexual sins, others say murder, or lying. But these are all forgivable! So what is this unforgivable sin?

Walking Blindly

Have you ever been in a situation that you were headed into blindly? You didn’t really know what to expect, or what obstacles may lay ahead of you. Your successful pass depends on the careful words of your guide to steer you clear of all the obstacles that lie in your path.

Shield of Faith

One of the greatest weapons of spiritual war, but also the one that is easily confused with other worldly thoughts is faith. Many of us think that we have a ton of faith in God simply because God got us through a lot of tough times in the past or we have witnessed God working through other people, but in reality how much faith do we really have?

Life- Is it Meaningless?

Why toil over making everything perfect, or building up a great company, or spending countless hours helping your kids figure out their math homework? What’s the point? If everything is meaningless, why waste your time doing all of this?

The Escalator of Life

Living a spiritual life is a lot like riding an escalator; a really long escalator. At the bottom of the escalator is where we start life. At the top, the Kingdom of Heaven. Which way is your escalator going?

How Seeking God’s Direction Is Like Playing Video Games

One of the most common concerns among believers is trying to figure out the right path that God has planned for them. They pray that God will give them a clear direction, stating they want to serve God’s will and not waste their time going down the wrong path. The problem is, most of these people already have a direction in mind. They then get frustrated or confused when God doesn’t seem to be leading them down the path they think they should be going.

Grace, A Personal Devotion

Even when I mess up, God’s grace is overflowing in my life. I may fall hard, but every time He lifts me up again, brushes off the filth and encourages me to try again only to see me fall over and over again. But HE DOESN’T GIVE UP ON ME!