Assistant Manager

Walmart Incorporated

I have worked with Jonathan Cody in Walmart store 2436 for the past year and I find him to be very ambitious, intuitive, creative, professional, and aggressive as a merchant. Jonathan wants to some day run his own business and he often talks about his ideas as to what he would do if he had his own store. As a sales floor associate working in our office supply department Jon helped our store have tremendous success during our Back to School 2006 season event. Jon was involved with every aspect of planning the merchandise layout giving pertinent feedback in every phase. Jon carried out many of the action plans himself being flexible with his schedule working odd hours and overnight to help our store be set on time for the customer. Jon’s exceptional product knowledge helped customers fill their school supply lists. Jon is very familiar with the market in this area knowing what items were key to our customer. Jonathan created a display of high dollar, cross-merchandised items to give college students ideas for their dorm room. This idea created increases in item performance as well as sales. Jon participates in our volume producing item program to help increase sales on items that customers don’t always shop for. Aside from his contributions to the office supply department, Jonathan shows tremendous eagerness to help wherever he can in the store impacting every phase of the business tremendously. He has even volunteered to help in other stores throughout our market. Through his talents, Jonathan has had a strong impact on our company. Should he continue his diligence I believe Jonathan will have a tremendous impact and be successful in whatever field he endeavors. Thank you, Jon.


Yahya Mitchell