This section is meant to get to know me a little more beyond the career focus. The content posted in this section are really just things I like, own, or think.

  • My Goodreads Profile— Displays my Goodreads author profile with links to my bookshelves. It is meant to give you an idea the topics I have been, or would like to study on my own at some point. Just because I am out of college, does not mean the learning stops for me.
  • Aspirations— This page will be devoted to the positive messages I gather in the form of quotes, list, or just general words of wisdom. If I post it on here, it is likely something I would like to try to implement into my own life if I haven’t already.
  • Hobbies/ Interest— Want to know what I do when I am not working? Well this is where you find out. I must admit, a lot of this site is examples of many of the things I enjoy doing when I’m not working for someone else.