For Christmas 2012, I received a new DSLR camera. Since then, I have grown a lot in my skills and have made it into a part time photography business. It’s not enough to pay the bills yet, but I enjoy meeting new people and seeing things from a point of view not everyone sees.


I spend a lot of time on my computer, so recently I managed to find some video tutorials for some graphics programs I would like to get better at using. I also have about 4 other subjects I would like to try and teach myself. Some I am more motivated to learn than others, but I have been trying to set aside some time each day to focus on one of those subjects. Of course, that is easier said than done due to many other activities I am involved in, but I’ll get there.

Business Planning

I enjoy creating new business plans or systems. I try to plan as much as I can to make future development easier when that time comes. I plan both business processes and architectural aspects when needed.


Now that I live near a beach, I have found an appreciation for shell collecting or sand sculpture building. I recently got a snorkel set, so I plan on doing more exploring with that once the water gets warmer. Although the sand around here is not the most ideal for sand sculpting according to some experts I watched once, I have been trying to build little sand sculptures recently also. Typically I end up making it look like a person laying down on the beach. I think I’d have a lot of fun sculpting if I could get the right type of sand to really add the details I want.


I currently have a small portfolio of ETF’s that I’m invested in to try to increase my income. I got in after the large after COVID spike, so currently my portfolio is staying around the same as it started, but I’m hoping some of my ETFs will see an increased growth as things get back to normal.



If you get to know me, you may find that I have at least some interest in many things, particularly anything that would involve creating something. This includes everything from designing my houses and buildings, to experimenting a little with cooking, or experimenting with my graphics programs to make some interesting art. I don’t necessarily have a lot of experience in all the things I have tried or may like to try, but I’ve been willing to try each at least once to see if I could even do it.


Another interest of mine involves playing the drums. I have been playing percussion since around 2000. I currently have a set of congas, bongos, a 16 ” djembe, and a cajón that I almost always have ready in my car if an opportunity to play arises. I recently purchased an e-drum set as well to get better at playing an actual set. I also have a small African (I think) djembe that I started with. I received it from a friend in my youth group in my early high school years. Before that, even since about 4th grade, I was constantly tapping on whatever I could find that made some noise or on the back of chairs while at church.


Another big interest I have is technology of the future. I love seeing new ideas of what our future could look like. I also like seeing all the new gadgets and stuff people come up with to integrate with our cars, homes, or lives in general. Watching all those shows about how they manage to build such complex buildings or concept cars just blows me away sometimes, and it just gets my mind rolling of things I could integrate into my own creations.