Although I can not give the full details of my business here, I would like to provide a quick overview just in case I find anyone that may possibly be in the position to invest.


NAME: Unicris Industries

MISSION: To Build Success One Stone at a Time


  • Provide a place where my employees can grow in both business and their personal lives
  • Provide top of the line entertainment/ services to customers I serve
  • Leave no customer unsatisfied
  • Provide a means to support local communities/ charities

Company Overview:

Unicris Industries will become the overall corporation overseeing a host of smaller companies. The following is a list of what I currently have in mind.


A photography business dedicated to providing quality and unique images to my clients. At the moment, this is more a hobby than a business, but if things were to change, I wouldn’t mind making it a business. I may expand into video production or other creative fields in the future.


As a business minded individual, I am always thinking of new ways businesses could improve their processes. While working at Walmart, I started the development of some software applications to improve business processes within the company. I feel these could be converted to work for many different businesses and I am considering the idea of developing these systems into a commercial package that I can market too small and medium businesses. Ideas include better inventory management software and scheduling software. In addition, I am currently working on plans for a social media site and an online auction site.


Because I am a Christian, I do also have ideas for possible ministries once my core businesses become established. Currently, I am in the process of writing a book that would fall in this category. Eventually, I hope this division may also fund services to assist the homeless and other low income/ low skilled individuals.


This will be the host division for my family entertainment center chain. I have a business plan, just not yet sure how to fund it. It will also include my other amusement park related services if built. (A water park is a long-term goal)


With the direction I am headed, I will likely be investing in commercial real estate properties and may create a property management company. I also design houses for fun, and am toying with the idea of one day developing my own residential community. I also have an interest in real estate investing after attending one of the RICH DAD seminars but do not have the experience or anyone to show me how to do it at the moment, so that may be put on hold till I can get some guidance in this area.


This division will be related to the entertainment division in that it will consist of the hotels/ resorts I plan to build alongside my water park and other destinations as I grow. I also have a few undeveloped restaurant concepts that would fit in this section.


Beyond accomplishing the objectives above, these are the personal goals I hope to achieve with my business.

  1. Become financially free– I do not want to go through life trying to work my way up a corporate ladder like the vast majority of Americans. This may have been the model of the past, but there is a very little guarantee of advancement in todays market. I don’t want to live paycheck-to-paycheck working for someone else while achieving none of my own goals.
  2. Provide a means to give back to the community – I hope that one day I will be able to support people who may be in similar situations as myself. All my businesses will incorporate a fund that will be dedicated to supporting various charities and organizations that benefit the community. These may be existing organizations, or charities I form myself.
  3. Prove to others and myself what I am capable of achieving  – I have been told I cant do things so many times that I am tired of hearing it. Too many people are stuck in the employee mindset that they do not understand the business/ entrepreneur mindset. I don’t want to be just an employee the rest of my life when I can provide greater service to the economy through my own business.

If you would like more details on any of these projects, send me a message informing me of your interest. After establishing a relationship and getting to know your intentions, I may share more details into the business.