The following pages are samples of my writing projects. I have a few articles and business reports, as well as some poetry. Please feel free to share, but please link back to these pages and provide proper credit.

A Roaring Lion

A roaring lion looking to destroy,

Plays with our lives as if a mere toy.

He picks us up and thrashes us around,

Often knocking us down to the hard ground


Being Christian

Do you call yourself Christian because you pray?
Do you call yourself Christian, going to church every day?

Do you call yourself Christian because you try to do good?
Do you call yourself Christian because someone told you, you should?


Box of Chocolates

Life is like a box of chocolates

You never know what you are going to get

When you become like a box of chocolates

You can live knowing there was no regret.


Christian Life Poems

Christian Life Poems is a collection of over 50 poems dealing with life as a Christian and life in general. Themes include: New Creation, the Gospel, Purpose, Faith, Prayer, Love, Identity, and Life. Many poems are inspired from the Bible, or my own life and observations. Let them inspire you in your own Christian walk as you read through and enjoy


Christ’s Sacrifice

I can accomplish all things through Christ,

Who gives me strengths through his sacrifice.

His death for me leaves me with great gain,

One day I’ll live without any pain.


Dear Father

Forgive me Lord for my multitude of sins,

And heal me of the pride that lies deep within.

Forgive me when I do not want to let go,

And please forgive me for how little I know.



I will not lie, and will not cheat.
I will not sit idle in my seat.
I will not put your name to shame.
I will learn to accept my rightful blame.