We live in a culture where young and old spend an average of 2 hours a day on some form of social media. Some spending upwards of 9+ hours, on their phone or other devices, interacting with their friends both locally and abroad. Hours upon hours of time is wasted every day by users, exploring the lives of others while they sit at home alone with little interaction with the real world.

The plan for this site hopes to address that. Leveraging the power of social media, Hobipro’s goal is to reintroduce physical interactions amongst peers. Uniting people with similar interest, Hobipro will become the next great social media platform for all generations by encouraging communication both online and face-to-face.

Users will discover new and interesting topics of interest and start enjoying life as it was meant to be enjoyed; with physical, face to face interactions. Explore new hobbies, sports, and other activities as you interact with others who share your interest both online and in the real world.

Visitors may share their knowledge with the communities, or take in as much as they can from others. They may join or create groups to interact with those who share similar interest; pinpoint the right hobby for them based on several data points.

Hobipro was designed with popular features of other social media platforms in mind. The ideas behind Hobipro come from combining aspects of Facebook, Meet-up, Reddit, EzineArticles, Wikipedia and other services.

As of today, I have over 900 topics defined, which include sports, academic interest, hobbies, lifestyles, and other topics. This allows a community for just about any interest a user may have.

Although I cannot show you actual details of the project right now, I am working with an extensive wireframe design of the entire project. This should allow me to hire someone to build what I need without any question if I can’t build it myself. I also have the database mostly laid out, though it does change as I go along and discover inefficiencies. At this point, I am attempting to build this myself with a PHP framework, but its slow going as I have a lot I must learn to make this happen.

Database Layout

database diagram
An overview of my planned database with different colors representing the different sections of my site.

Development Document

overview of wireframe document
This is an overview of what I have created for almost every view of my app. The tables provide information revevant to the section such as where the data will go or come from, or selection options, or functional considerations.