This was a fun project remodeling an old office building into a set of apartments.

I was tasked to subdivide the building into 6 units.

I utilized my photography skills to take some photos of the existing building to include in the drafting documents. For the most part, everything presented was my design. I did have some trouble with the closet space above the stairs, as I’m not sure if there is enough clearance.

I was also instructed to put the washer dryer in an arrangement  that faces each other instead of side to side as normally seen. I’m not sure I like that arrangement, but its what I was told to do and may work.

Paid Project with WCH Architects

Finished: 8/7/2019

Project Type: Residential Apartment Remodel

Plan was ported to AutoCAD so the architect could work on additional changes that I had trouble with in Revit. but every export tended to come back with misaligned parts. Eventually I figured out what I needed to do in Revit and we just stuck with that.