I am currently building a site with PHP to allow people to monetize their social accounts. Details of the site’s functionality cannot be shared at this time. I believe this project is doable with my current level of skills for at least a working prototype. I am learning as I go and working to use PHP’s Object Oriented approach along with a MySQL database to accomplish the goals of this site.

I will likely need to consider a columnar or document-oriented database system as well for certain aspects of the site that would be cumbersome in a standard relational model.
So far I have the majority of the HTML aspect laid out using the Bootstrap framework.  I also have the general database built and most of the UML diagrams designed to make the coding aspect easier. The learning curve I will have to overcome is the OOP. After I get the basic functionality done, I will likely hire someone to make the front end look better, and also ensure that the site is secure enough to handle large monetary transactions.

I estimate this site will make a minimum of $50,000 a year with just a single instance. I calculated results up to 10,000 instances with random variables applied to each instance, and I should expect to make upwards of half a billion.